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A Community of Support for Women Who Have Left the Mormon (LDS) Church

This is a community mainly created for women who have left the LDS (Mormon) church. We want to discuss issues that affected and continue to effect women who have left the LDS church.

However, we accept both genders here! Men are also welcome to participate!


Upon approval to the community, please post an introduction:

How Did You Find Us?
A Bit About Yourself:


1) Community membership is moderated. Request to join and you will most likely be approved, although I may send you a message first to a) make sure you’re a real person and not a spambot and b) make sure you’re here for respectful discussion and not preaching.

2) Everyone has opinions, please respect them. Personal attacks against anyone are not okay. At this point, there is a 3 strikes system. First strike means you get a warning, second strike is a second warning, and third a ban (for personal attacks). We will confer with each other on a case-by-case basis in our mod community what is an what is not a personal attack. We will also freeze threads as necessary/

3) We love pictures, but please LJ cut! It would be nice to do this for really long text posts too. Please don't post any pornographic pictures though.

4) Do NOT disable comments to your posts. Screening comments is also not allowed (unless you somehow need to collect private information). Also, please keep in mind the mods can view these screened comments!

5) Do not delete comments or posts unless you are asked to or you are reposting for grammatical or format reasons.

6) DO NOT edit your post to remove the original text. If you have a question that is answered sufficiently, simply edit your post to say something along the lines of finding your answer.

7) Taking screencaps of a locked post is not allowed.

8) DO NOT troll personal journals. This will result in an immediate ban. Keep discussion to the community.

9) Tags: You can tag your posts, but you’re welcome to leave them untagged. The mods will catch them if necessary!


1) When posting make sure comments are relevant to the main subject of the post. (It's okay to go a little off topic, obviously. But please don't turn someone's post discussing A into something discussing C)

2) We do allow off-topic posts at this current point and time. However, when making an off topic post you MUST put "OT - [subject]" in the Subject line and LJ Cut the ENTIRE post. If anyone forgets, the mods can fix it at this point in time. However, if traffic picks up in the community, it would be much appreciated if posters could remember to do it themselves.

3) Sexuality -- We are allowed to discuss adult content on this community. I think in depth discussions of aspects of sexuality (including vaginal, oral, and anal sex and masturbation) is well within these guidelines. If it is necessary, I can change the community rating to "explicit adult content".


See a rule that has been omitted or left out? Feel like we're missing something?

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