January 1st, 2011


 Name: Eliza R. Snitch
Age: 26
Location: Alaska
About me: I was born in Utah. My parents are both quite TBM. We moved to Alaska when I was little. I have two sisters and they're both very TBM as well.  I started having testimony issues toward the end of high school. It started because my ward wasn't very nice to me and I had a hard time believing that Christ was at the head of the church that was making me so miserable. I went to BYU (awesome choice, I know) and had a hard time there as well. I worked in the religion section of the library, and perusing the books there caused some serious cognitive dissonance. I lost my testimony completely at 20. I now consider myself a pantheist, but I enjoy Christian liturgy and worship, and am (very tentatively!) considering becoming a Lutheran or Episcopalian. I miss having a church home. I'm interested in religion in general and Mormonism in particular. 

When I first left the church, there was a Yahoo group for ex-Mormon women that I found incredibly helpful. I don't know if it's still around, but I'm excited about this one. 
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Ideas on Rules? / LJ Information

 Hello everyone (either lurking, members, or future members)!

As this is a new community, and all of you are a part of it (or considering becoming a part of it), please feel free to contribute ideas as to what you think the rules should be here. 

I want everyone's suggestions!

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EDIT #2: 

What are LJ Cut's? Screencaps? Trolling Personal Journals?

LJ Cuts

An LJ Cut is when you cut to hide a particular thing. Like a picture. Or an ENORMOUS amount of text so you don't clog up the main area of the journal.

At the top of making an entry, right under the Subject there are ways for you to create this. All you have to do is mouse over them and it will tell you what each one is. One of them is an LJ cut. 

If you want to make an LJ cut, all you have to do is highlight the text and click on the LJ cut "button". This will create an LJ cut. However, wait until you are DONE with a post to create an LJ cut. It is difficult to write anything AFTER an LJ cut if it is the last thing in your post.

Here is an example of an LJ cut:

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Screencaps are when you take a "picture" of stuff in this journal. For example, a private entry. Most people do this to post it elsewhere on the internet. It's not very nice to take someone's personal business and post it around the internet. 

It would be like if someone took your words from here in a private entry and smacked it on the middle of postmormon or posted it on facebook. It's not very good, especially when dealing with sensitive subjects like sexuality, etc.

Trolling Personal Journals

When you "troll" someone's personal journal, this means you click on the link that is a person's "name" and follow them from this community back to their own personal writing.

Since LJ is a also a blogging website, many people have blog entries attached to their names. It's generally a bad idea to go to their journal and harass them, especially if you have been arguing here with that person. This will get you banned from a LOT of LJ communities. 

It would be like if you were arguing with someone and they walked away from you and went home and you followed them into their house and kept harassing them. 

Any other questions? :)
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Community Rules

*****UPDATED: 1/2/2011***********


 Upon approval to the community, please post an introduction:

How Did You Find Us?
A Bit About Yourself:

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If there is anything else anyone wants to add, you're welcome to comment and I'll add a new rule. :) 
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Bellingham, WA
How Did You Find Us?:
I created this community based on a facebook discussion. :)
A Bit About Yourself:
I'm attending WWU, will graduate in June with a Bachelor's. And I'm married to a TBM.

EDIT: <jedimindtrick> there was always more to this entry </jedimindtrick>

I'm really excited for this community, and I really want this to take off/work. I converted to the church when I was 17, and resigned recently, though I "left" when I was 20. 

Postmormon was great for me, for awhile, but I think I grew out of a it a little. I'm really excited for a women's issues discussion based group, especially since we're going to be taking about the church and how it contributed to it. :)

Anyways, I hope I'll be a good moderator and I'm not looking to go power hungry with my "ban" stick. (In fact, I really hope to avoid banning anyone from here.) 
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Name: Sophie
Age: 24
Location: Minnesota
How Did You Find Us? A post in exmormon
A Bit About Yourself: Let's see... like I said, I'm 24, I've been inactive since I was 16 though I'm not a technical exmormon since I'm still on the records and all of that. I grew up in Minnesota, my dad was bishop of our ward from the time I was 7 until I was 10 and we moved to Virginia and then to Utah. I'm sure I would have gone inactive, but living in Utah sped up the process I guess is the best way to put it. :p When I was 18, I moved back with my family to Minnesota and my parents live in the same ward I grew up in again, so it's kind of odd. People from my childhood will want to see me and know about me, so it's kind of hard to keep some people I grew up with out of my business or from bothering me to start coming to church again. I keep planning on sending in a letter of resignation and getting around to that, but I just haven't really seen a huge need to lately since I've been left alone by the ward my records are in and I've avoided the missionaries and all of that. I do intend on doing so eventually, though. Anyway, hi!